Estate Agency Branding: Selling to Millennials

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The future of the property market

Over the past decade the average age of the first-time buyer has risen by 21% in the UK. First time buyers are now on average 34 years old.

This means that the present and trending market will be dominated with buyers expecting a whole new sales approach and more so, these millennials make up 25% of the population according to a Hubspot study.

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Estate agency branding
With Millennials reportedly being the largest living generation, this audience demographic is a generation that all businesses should be looking to target. Need another reason to adapt your approach to meet this new generation of buyers? This generation aren’t buying into traditional marketing and advertising methods. 

This generation aren’t interested in salesy ads or influencer product pushing, they are interested in supporting businesses that are projecting informative content based on lifestyle selling. The best way to sell to Millennials is through thought leadership documentation and by focusing on memorable experiences through the purchasing journey.

Branding and advertising – traditional methods won’t work

Branding and advertising give real estate businesses the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and showcase their USPs. With COVID-19 changing the way in which we market to potential buyers many have switched the majority of their marketing to online offerings in order to keep up with buyer demand. 

This digital wave has seen an array of digital inbound and outbound marketing tactics being implemented by estate agencies. 

Window branding for estate agents

However, resting on these laurels won’t keep that Millennial buyer. According to research carried out by Daymon, only 29% of this generation will buy the same brand again and again. With a more unstable target market it is vital that companies are constantly improving upon their marketing and services to encourage return custom and consumer loyalty. Not an easy feat! 

So how do estate agents target this new generation of home buyers? 

In a study carried out by the Metro and MailOnline the Millennial generation is interested in memorable experiences, where they prioritise feelings and experiences over anything else. Therefore, it is important when marketing to this generation that your branding and advertising should be focused on selling the lifestyle that they can have through purchasing with you. 

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Brochures are key

At Dezrez we offer agents a variety of marketing opportunities that will boost brand awareness and showcase to buyers properties in a sleek and inviting way: Brochures!

They are popular among agents and are widely used to sell all aspects of a property. With many agencies and buyers opting for online offerings, it is vital that brochures follow the same trend. Although physical marketing isn’t going anywhere soon, it is key to have a clear and consistent online visibility to capture a generation that spends on average 8.5 hours a day online engaging with content. 
Estate agent branding
When looking at properties even with new buyer trends brochures be it physical or online still carry their worth. A brochure can get a buyer to book a viewing of a property or remind them of the best features after a viewing has taken place. A brochure also acts as a souvenir/ takeaway representation of your company and its branding. Sleek and attractive branding can also instil quality of service, company trust and company positioning. It can also help you stand out from the competition.

It’s also not just buyers that expect a high level of quality when viewing a brochure. Vendors are often keen to see how an agency has portrayed their property! Some unique or higher priced properties may also require a more bespoke brochure layout or template to sell its best valued features.

Agents need to create as much repeat custom as they can and word of mouth on good or poor branding can go a long way. Whether it’s online or printed brochures our branding team have it covered, offering expert knowledge and leading industry examples to keep you up to date with buyer and vendor expectations and trends.

The power of email signatures

Another great way to support your companies brand quality is through the use of email signatures. More and more companies are looking at unique ways to advertise and connect with their customers through this marketing method.

At Dezrez we create many bespoke electronic signatures for our agents that prove each time to be extremely valuable to the business in attracting clients and asserting the brand ethos. 
Email Signatures for Estate Agents

The team at ocreative describe an electronic signature like “handing a person a business card every time you send an email. You want it to look professional and show your company’s personality. You wouldn’t just hand a prospective client a scrap of blank paper with your contact information scrawled on it.”

How to get the most out of email signatures

When thinking about your company's email signature it’s key to think about the target audience and how best to utilize its capabilities. You may choose to utilise the following to build the best electronic signature for your agency:
  • Company logo
    Repetition of a brands log through marketing avenues is key for a lasting impression.
  • Company phone number
    Recipients will be able to call you directly and with ease.
  • Profile images
    Many companies are choosing to include pictures of their team members in their electronic signatures as it adds a personal approach to emails, whether warm or cold email posting. Profile pictures also help to establish team members within an organisation when communicating internally too.
  • Job Title
    Let people know your job title. This can often open the communication for achieving networking opportunities and strengthening customer relations.
  • Social Media Links
    With a growing number of people searching the web for information why not add your social media channels as icons to your signature too.
  • Promotions
    Emails are the most frequently used methods of communication for a business. This space is a great opportunity for you to advertise your deals, mission statement or call to action. Clickable links can also be added for direct lead generation!

Strengthen your brand with LED window displays

Capturing people’s attention can be done through subtle or obvious. LED screens in agency windows can be inexpensive tools that can grab a viewer’s attention and turn the viewing processes into a lead. 

Whether it’s standing out from your competition or gaining more footfall dynamic LED visual displays offer an around the clock service to your clients. They run even when you’re closed. At Dezrez our creation of Rezi Screenz offers agents a white label solution with easy set up and recorded lead generation data.

Rezi Screenz gives customers freedom to interact with your business out of hours or capture an audience when you’re caught up with another client. This interactive method of advertising enables customers to connect to the software using their smartphones and browse through property brochures.
Estate Agency Branding Rezi Screenz
Rezi Screenz

Rezi Screenz Lead Generation

When a customer has expressed an interest in a property that information creates a lead inside Rezi. Set up are key action tabs that a customer might choose to complete:
  • Viewing request
  • Brochure request
  • Call-back request
  • Valuation report
  • General contact request
This extra lead gen tool has proven to be key for high street agencies looking to stand out from the competition and compete with online agencies. Buyers are also now more tech savvy than ever, with a growing number of consumers preferring to complete their own online research before committing to personal interactions. 

Check out our easy set up and requirements to start using our real estate agency branding tool, Rezi Screenz.

Prepare now for the future of the real estate buyer market 

Real estate marketing is on the rise and by creating a cohesive image display of your brand/ company throughout every avenue of your business reach strengthens the idea that your business is well established. By reviewing generation and buyer trends it is also apparent that the new generation of buyers are looking for authenticity when choosing a company to buy from. 

Staying ahead of the competition now means reviewing and replacing traditional marketing processes and utilising powerful online resources, that don’t need to be expensive to establish your company amongst the new millennial buyer market.
Millennial branding for estate agencies