Helping clients find you with what3words 

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Guest Blog: what3words

Written by Luis Glaeser, Senior Partnerships Lead at what3words.

It’s been more than a year since we at what3words started paying closer attention to the property space and I thought it might be interesting for the Dezrez community to learn more about the journey, especially because of the important role that Dezrez played as the first property CRM provider to offer their clients a what3words integration within their software.

Helping clients find you with what3words

We kept seeing listings pop up from agents who had organically added what3words addresses to listings without ever having spoken with us. When we come across new and innovative ways people use what3words, we always ask ourselves two questions: Is there a real problem that what3words could help solve and if so, how could we as a company make it easier for the industry to adopt what3words? 

Luckily, there were many kind estate agents out there willing to jump on quick calls to talk about their experience, including Rezi estate agency software customer Andrew Hipkiss from Walton & Hipkiss. 


So how can what3words help the property sector?

The first experience someone has when they arrive at a property is crucial. Spending those first 5 minutes on the phone because they can’t find the right front door, parking space or even the right road can be a frustrating start - adding a what3words address to a listing or viewing confirmation makes that first impression smooth and surprisingly fun.

We saw this problem particularly for rural properties where the postcode might cover a large area. Also, new builds might not have a street address yet, or it may not be recognised by navigation apps and large blocks of flats often have several possible entrances, none of which can be found by dropping an address PIN.

Map Pin
Of course, agents are also very time-sensitive. They often have back-to-back appointments all day so it can be stressful when time is wasted trying to locate a client. It also means that anything out of the normal workflow is time spent not working directly with their clients. On average, properties in the UK are on the market for 3.5 weeks so adding what3words to property listings is not a one-off exercise but needs to be part of existing processes. Including a what3words address in a listing, therefore, had to be as simple and frictionless as possible. 

Every agent that I spoke to said it would be so much smoother if what3words was integrated into their CRM systems. Andrew Hipkiss introduced me to Ross Liddell, Commercial Director at Dezrez who immediately saw the value of an integration and kicked off the process of making what3words available to Rezi customers. Dezrez was able to quickly and effectively build and launch a what3words feature for Rezi estate agency software, using the documentation on our website. While testing it on their own customers, Dezrez actually added another interesting use case: pinpointing exactly where the board company should put the ‘For Sale’ boards. 
“The system has other useful functionality which allows us to mark anything within the area of the property such as parking vehicles, this is especially useful using blocks of flats or where residential properties have parking spaces away from the property.”

Andrew Hipkiss at Walton and Hipkiss.
“I find What3words a really useful tool, being able to show the exact location of the property as close as the front door and best places for parking has helped prospective buyers when attending a viewing at a property.”

Nikki Kearney at Country Properties.

Watch the Rezi & what3words integration in action right here: 

Now that it was easier for agents to add a what3words address to their property listings, our marketing team set off to create materials that make it simple for agents to communicate what3words to their customers and colleagues. We launched our Communications Hub on the what3words website with read-to-go imagery and snippets to help announce, educate and drive use within the real estate industry: Visit what3words website.

This past year exploring the industry has been such a fun learning experience for us and me personally. One particular highlight was definitely my webinar with industry heavy-weight Simon Whale’s Kerfuffle and Dezrez Managing Director Richard Price.

what3words & Estate agent software

If you’d like to know more about using what3words within your Rezi estate agency software, be sure to get in touch with the team: