Why is social media vital for business growth?

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Social media is an essential tool for marketing your estate agency, raising brand awareness, promoting services, increasing leads and engaging with your audience. With global reach and new buyer habits every estate agency should include social media marketing in their business strategy for yearly growth and lead generation opportunities.

Social media posting is important in real estate

How to use social media for business

Statistics show that 4.33 billion people use social media globally, with a surge in early 2021 of 521 million new users joining social media platforms according to a report by datareportal. With such substantial growth social media has never been more vital for businesses to sell, advertise, become thought leaders and boost brand awareness. 

What do the best online news sites offer?

  • In depth stories
  • Investigative reporting
  • First-hand accounts
  • Quality insights
  • High engagement rates on published articles
  • Creditable writers
  • Quality imagery
  • Local and global news
  • Endorsed by reputable companies
Social media RRS feeds
Rezi’s news feature is pre populated with some of the most utilised industry news outlets such as The Negotiator, Estate Agent Today and Property Industry Eye with functionality for users to add as many of their best loved sites too. 

It is important to decide which news/media outlets offer the best material to represent your business voice and attract engagement from your target audience. With buyer and social media trends evolving and changing, it is key to review the content that you publish on a regular basis, making sure that it is reaching the right demographic to increase lead generation and boost sales.

Social media posting for real estate agents

With more and more buyers turning to online sources to make decisions on which companies to utilise, it is important that real estate agents are moving with the times and expanding their online reach. Physical advertising isn’t dead by any means, but with advancements in technology the speed and reach at which estate agencies are reaching their target audience is much greater than traditional methods. 

Using social media doesn’t need to be daunting or expensive. With Rezi estate agency software customers now access a free news feed service where they can view and post (Rezi Premium estate agency software for automation) to their social media platforms with ease. This method is saving agents time and resource as they no longer need to log into multiple social media platforms or pay for software that allows for multichannel publishing. 

Social media interaction is fundamental for growing online visibility

According to Hootsuite’s ‘Social Transformation Survey’ 69% of those surveyed said that social media usage helped them to maintain customer relationships which proved invaluable during the outbreak of COVID-19

A great benefit of social media for business whether your agency is small or large, is the quality of interaction that these platforms allow. Through comments, messages, likes and shares business and customers are now able to talk to one another directly. Used correctly, social media is a wonderful tool for building relationships, establishing needs and warming up leads ready for sale. 

Nurturing your online following is also key to demonstrating and maintaining excellent brand awareness and growing your following. Posting regularly on social media not only grows your online visibility, it can also push you to the top as a thought leader in your industry. Being the first to reshare important information that users engage with can help you step ahead of the competition. Consistent social media posting also instils trust in a brand and can establish you amongst top real estate companies providing the best social media content and advice to their customers. 

Users of social media are now looking for a human element to the brands that they choose to buy from. With most interactions now completed virtually, sometimes it can be difficult for companies to showcase the people behind the business. A way to introduce yourself to your customers is to engage with them through comments on your social media posts. It’s also a good way to win leads and offer information that directs to your website, property listings, a customer testimonial page and more. 

Social media posting strategy and best practices

The key to staying on track is to focus on quality over quantity. As a busy estate agency it might not be plausible for a member or members of the team to plan a social media scheduler. However, social media posting doesn’t always need to be planned. If managing social media for your business works best on an ad hoc basis, posting only when someone is free, this method can still boost your visibility and help you to achieve substantial online growth. Rezi’s news feed is designed to show you the most up to date content, in one easy to view area, where you can post from when you choose to. 

Just remember, however often or little you post on social media platforms will determine the time needed to follow up and engage with comments. Boosting social media posts with company interactions can take time, make sure that interacting with your social media following is part of your social media strategy. 

Working off news outlet’s RRS feeds, Rezi’s news feed has been built to show a carousel of the most current articles posted on the sites that we or you have set up. A good idea for making sure you’re targeting the right demographic is to add some local news sites to the news feed. This way your team can be aware of what’s happening in your area and you can grow your following within your area more quickly before venturing to the wider market.

RSS Feed within estate agency software

Key Tip: You will never be able to reach everyone online. Spend time reaching those that are buying in your target market.

Key fundamentals for building a social media strategy

  1. Set SMART goals as a team/company
  2. Set up social media platforms that are in-line with your target audience
  3. Be clear on our target audience
  4. Research the best days to post on social media for your industry
  5. Dedicate time to building communications and relationships with your followers
  6. Pay attention and adapt to trends
  7. Adapt social posts to changing demographic or industry movements
  8. Review and analyse social media performance
  9. Review content for social media posts 
  10. Review team/ company engagement with posts, improve if needed

The best social media platforms for estate agents

With new social media platforms exploding onto the scene, choosing the right social media platforms for your business to utilise, can feel like a difficult decision to make. It is key to understand where your target audience are most of the time, where they make buyer decisions and where you can interact with them most easily. 

Many of our agents choose to use:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Using a small number of social media platforms means that you can control them much easier. Once you have these mastered it is much easier to expand from there. 

How often should you post on social media as an estate agent?

We understand that the property industry is competitive and fast paced. As a guide here are the number of times you should be posting on social media each week:
  • Facebook: At least once per day 
  • LinkedIn: Twice per week is optimal
  • Instagram: 2-3 times per week (Imagery is key)
  • Twitter: Twitter has no limit, however once per day is more manageable 
Estate agents social media presence
With Rezi’s built in news feed we’ve made it simpler, faster and more manageable to grow your social media following, post more consistently and utilise the sites you love all the most. With the sites viewed all in one place, it’s even easier to keep your company and followers up to date on the latest news broadcasts. 

*If you don’t have Rezi CRM estate agency software or are looking to upgrade your package to Rezi Premium please do not hesitate to contact a member of your friendly team to book a free demo today.