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Why choose Rezi Pro as your estate agent software?

With innovative, time saving features, Rezi Pro - our estate agency software package - is at the forefront of property technology. To get started, simply book a free, no-obligation demo today

User-friendly dashboards

Adopting new estate agency software can be daunting, but Rezi's user-friendly dashboards make the process as easy as possible. We provide free online training with our estate agency software experts!

Cloud-based software

Adopting new estate agency software can be daunting, but Rezi's user-friendly dashboards make the process as easy as possible. We provide free online training with our estate agency software experts!

Enhance your offering
Rezi Pro is a modern estate agency software solution that offers endless opportunities for growth. View the range of features, from email sync to automation, to find out how it can benefit you!

Rezi Pro Dashboard

​Custom dashboards that our agents love!

With Rezi Pro, sales and lettings agents can create custom dashboards to make their day-to-day routine tasks as straightforward as possible. You can set up a dashboard to provide you with instant access to your weekly calendar, upcoming tasks, applicants and recent offers. 

Rezi agents save time, money and resource by being able to streamline their day using an efficient system.

​Fully mobile and cloud-based estate agent software

Rezi software is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, giving sales and lettings agents the opportunity to handle their business any time, anywhere. Whether you want to work from your desktop at the office or your tablet at home, Rezi is flexible enough to allow you to do exactly that. Additionally, you can make sure you never miss another opportunity with the optional Rezi Anytime, giving clients 24/7 access.

Rezi software on mobile, tablet and desktop
Estate agent deal using Rezi Pro

​Multiple-user licence

In order to help you become the most productive business you can be, Rezi Pro offers web-based sales and lettings estate agency software with multiple-user licences. This means that a number of team members can access the system, allowing all of your agents to work without hassle.

We also offer other packages (Pro Lite, Premium and Enterprise), which include varying numbers of users to suit your agency's needs. 


​​Key features of Rezi Pro: Estate agency software

Live Diary & E-Mail Sync

Sync calendar and email data within Rezi. Create diaries and email clients 24/4.

Fully Mobile & Cloud Based
Customizable templates for letters, emails, and SMS from the Rezi system, simplifying document sending with merge fields.

Automate Daily Tasks
Make use of opportunities to integrate with third-party apps and automate your daily processes.

Upload to Property Portals

Market your instructions on multiple property portals and improve sales overnight!

Data Migration with History
Migrate your info with our estate agent software's seamless onboarding, including your data history!

Enhance Your Estate Agency
Branding templates, Rezi Anytime (client login area) & Rezi Screenz (window displays), and more!

Rezi automate and integrate

Automate workflows and integrate third-party apps

Rezi estate agent software allows you to use workflows to automate daily tasks so that you can focus on doing what you do best - winning instructions! Automate emails, post properties to Facebook, and more!

Develop your sales or letting agency’s capabilities by using endless third party applications thanks to our estate agency software integrations.

Rezi Enhance your service!

Discover the convenience of an intuitive client portal, capturing data information 24/7. 

Improve the overall client experience that you provide today with Rezi's estate agent software! Want to go paperless? Then why not add Signable electronic document signing to your CRM, saving time and money? Ready to improve your online marketing? You can now upload virtual property tours and walkthrough videos to property portals using the Rezi platform! Book a demo today to find out how Rezi can benefit you!

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Our flexible, modern sales and lettings software for estate agents is built to help you work more efficiently and win more business. 

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