• Powering Automation for Real Estate Agents

    Rezi & Zapier combine to offer powerful (yet simple) automation tools to property professionals.  

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation platform that allows users to connect and move data to thousands of marketplace apps. 

Zapier is built with an API (application programming interface) that allows you to connect software such as your Rezi sales and lettings software to it. Meaning data can be pulled from the CRM and used to automatically populate apps/ software that you use the most. 

In this guide we will detail how Zapier is benefiting real estate agents and how you can utilise Zapier to boost sales, save time and improve resources. 
Zapier and Rezi used in an office

How does Zapier work?

Zapier is an automation service that literally acts like a switch that turns on a circuit. Zapier uses ‘Zaps’ that are a set of automated chain steps that consist of ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. For example when a new media post is created in an Instagram account a trigger Zap can be created that actions a photo to be created on a Facebook page. For more information on key Zapier phrases and topics such as ‘How to create a Zap’ and ‘Zapier how to videos’ visit Zapier’s Help Page

Zapier have revolutionised the way in which people can access and utilise automation. They have kept steps simple and to set up automated workflows no developers are required! Zapier have even put together a resources such as ‘Getting Started with Zapier’ and ‘Managing your Zaps’.

Here at Dezrez, we offer Zapier features right from within our Rezi Premium software thanks to our seamless integration...

Benefits of using Zapier triggers for business

  • Time saving – reduce repetitive tasks and manual entry, saving time and resource
  • Consistency – Zaps set up for every team member and across all branches
  • Quality – reduced errors/ zero errors due to consistent and automated workflows
  • 24/7 operation – Zaps run quietly in the background, operating 24/7 even when you’re not
  • Real time responses – respond instantly to actions and notifications to win more leads
  • Better customer service – action and respond to triggers with automated follow up emails etc
  • Reduced resources needed – Power your business using less resources to complete daily tasks

Why use Zapier for real estate? 

At Dezrez, we acknowledged that estate agents could incorporate and hugely benefit from automation tools and processes in almost every area of their daily administrative tasks. We understand that agents enjoy being out of the office winning more instructions and sales than they do completing repetitive tasks inside of the office. Therefore, we looked to integrate with a platform that doesn’t remove the need for human interaction but completes the jobs that agents like doing the least, ultimately freeing them up to do what they like – selling properties!

Zapier means that agents can extract specific data from their CRM through an open API to their most used apps, such as Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Sheets and Twilio. Also there is no need to stay logged in to Zapier. 

Estate agent using Zapier in Rezi

Once you have accessed Zapier login to create a Zap or multiple Zaps, these will run behind the scenes as they are set up/ connected to your system. A full list of Zap examples for real estate can be found on Zapier's site.

Gain more leads and win more instructions 

With many estate agencies offering hybrid or online solutions its more vital than ever that when a lead comes in the agent and customer are notified and a follow up is sent to acknowledge interest. With the introduction of Zapier agents are reporting how automation is helping them to gain more leads, deliver better customer service and sell more properties. 

“The facility to contact our clients through the system and have team meetings during the lock down has been invaluable, the integration with our social media has also made us stand out from our competitors and makes us look good (we all need a bit of that now and again). I now find myself looking for additional Zaps (features) to add to the system which is a great problem to have and one I have never had to do before.” 
- James Beard, Director of Stonegate Estates

Example Zaps for real estate agents using Rezi

Zaps can be as simple as one trigger to one action or can include multiple sequences along the way. For example ‘when THIS trigger happens create THIS actions and THEN this next action happens and so on forming a straight line of actions to reach the end result. The more you build the easier it gets to build more complex Zaps.

Here are just a few Zaps that are being used by estate agents to save time, resource and improve communication:

Posting properties to Facebook...
Rezi Zapier Facebook Zap

When a property is created in Rezi a trigger Zap can be created that actions the information to be pulled through and posted automatically to a Facebook business page. Every time the property details are updated, Zap triggers can be set to instantly updated these changes on the Facebook post too.

Integrate Rezi with Microsoft Office

Rezi Zapier MS Outlook Zap

As a result of Rezi being created as an app on Zapier users can easily pull data from Rezi and set triggers to notify vendors, buyers, tenant and more when updates are made in the system.

Create contacts & invoices in Xero

Rezi Zapier Xero Zap

Completing invoices process no longer needs to be daunting. Through Rezi and Zapier integration when invoicing a client you can set triggers so that details are automatically pulled from Rezi and populated in Xero for invoices to be created automatically through actions set up through Zaps. 

Want some more great Zaps? Luckily for you, we have pre-built some to get you kick started with Rezi Premium and Zapier: Pre-Built Zaps for Rezi estate agents

How does Rezi and Zapier integration work?

Dezrez were the first CRM in the property software industry to integrate with Zapier. With the use of Rezi and Zapier agents can now connect their Webhooks (think of them as triggers such as ‘new offer accepted) in a zap chain of triggers and actions to automate a task using Rezi Premium.

Rezi is able to talk to Zapier letting it know that someone has completed ‘offer accepted’ and then an action can be created such as an email to the vendor letting them know that this event has happened. This automated process can be set up so that each time an instruction/ trigger is completed the same action follows, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time and resource. 

Rezi estate agency software
As a CRM provider we have also pre-built the most useful and frequented Zaps that estate agents using Rezi can utilise straight away whilst getting to know the Zapier platform. Building Zaps is easy and with our team helping you to get going it’s never been easy to start seeing the benefits of automation from day one.

How to benefit from Zapier using estate agency software

Here is a testimonial from one of our agents who set up their business using our Rezi Premium Software and how in just four quick months he’s noticed how beneficial automation and enhanced communication can be when operating and thriving in a fast paced industry.

"We went on to Rezi Premium around four months ago and it has  completely changed the business. Communication and automation were two of the most important things I wanted to apply to the business when I launched it, and Rezi Premium has allowed us to do that. Definitely five stars from me." Gary Simpson, Bayzos Estate Agents.

Head over to our testimonials page for more reviews. 

How much does Zapier cost?

Zapier’s pricing guide is designed to be inclusive for smaller businesses who may need just a few tasks (up to 100 tasks per month/ 5 Zaps) automated up to large enterprises that need Zaps to work across branches and on a global scale (100,000 tasks per month/ unlimited Zaps).

The team at Zapier also offer a free demo of the platform and useful resources for getting going. More information on pricing and packages can be found on Zapier's website.

Discover Rezi Premium with Zapier

Our most popular package with high performance estate agents looking to thrive in the digital era is our Rezi Premium software. Rezi Premium includes Zapier automation. Rezi Premium is freedom to utilise a CRM software solution that expands marketing reach, saves time and resource, strengthens communication and offers automation for daily tasks using software that connects to your CRM. 


Set up is simple and the team at Dezrez will guide you through ‘how to build a Zap’ and get you going with pre-built real estate apps that we think you’ll benefit from the most! We also have a handy FAQ section on our website that aims to answer all of the questions that you might have about introducing Zapier with your sales and lettings software.


Automation no longer needs to feel daunting. With Zapier’s easy to use platform and a host of handy tips and Zaps to get you started, soon everyone in your agency will be building Zaps to complete everyday administration tasks so that they can focus more time on winning those instructions.