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The future of property management

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future of property management software.
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Pre-Tenancy And Tenancy Management

Move tenants in, manage agreements and remain compliant with the latest legislation.

Configure Client Preferences

Full customisation shows that you really understand and care for your customers.

Client Accounting And Auto Banking

Manage client funds and reconcile accounts. Fully automated and compliant.

Property Inspections

Plan and carry out property inspections with ease.

Rezi Anytime                                      

24/7 access and customer service for landlords, tenants and contractors.

Property Maintenance

Manage issues and maintenance and fulfil your responsibility as a landlord.

Rezi Pre-Tenancy - The foundation of Rezi PM

Pre-tenancy is an area in within Rezi that becomes available when a lettings offer is accepted. It allows agents to collect all the relevant information for the Landlord, Tenant and Property prior to moving the tenants in and also allows the agent to negotiate the terms of a tenancy agreement.