Improve Customer Service with Automation

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We tend to think of customer service and client satisfaction as very hands-on elements of business, but in reality, automation can help strengthen that tie between your estate agency and your clients.

For example, automation can improve your business’ efficiency, transparency, and help you keep a seller in-the-loop when something changes on their property. 

This type of automation can be done right from within Rezi Premium – our estate agency software package that allows agents to take advantage of automations, workflows and endless third-party integrations.
Customer Service Automation for Estate Agents

Use automation to improve customer service

Customer service and interactions with clients are important elements of an estate agent’s daily tasks. Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest, most expensive processes a person goes through in life – and in helping them to do that you must offer a high-quality and responsive level of support.

However, many of the tasks you currently do can be automated – improving your efficiency and response speed (which goes a long way!).

Examples of customer service automations using estate agency software

With Rezi Premium software for real estate agents, you can set up automations to: 
Online Real Estate Customer Service

The benefits of using customer service automation

When using software for real estate agents, it’s important that you use it to its full potential. With Rezi Premium, be sure to use these automations, workflows and integrations in order to give yourself an advantage over your competitors – especially when it comes to building a better relationship with clients and offering responsive, quality customer service.

1. Reduce your manual workload

An estate or letting agents workload is always heavy – so why not save yourself some time by setting up automations and workflows within your online real estate software using our Zapier integration? Share these Zaps with your team and other branches to ensure consistency and keep business processes running at their full potential. 

For example, manually creating a welcome email every time you win an instruction is highly time consuming and repetitive. So, let your sales and lettings CRM system do the work for you through automation! 

2. Build better relationships with clients

Although you will still need to maintain a personal touch with your clients, they will undoubtedly appreciate your speedy responses now that they are automated.

Clients don’t like to be kept waiting, so being informed automatically when something changes on their property positively elevates the buying or selling experience, boosting repeat custom.

3. Show your efficiency

With the help of automation provide your clients with real-time updates and around the clock notifications. Automated tasks run in the background, working when you can’t.

Sometimes the impact of team members taking annual leave means that clients can be left waiting on responses. In order to minimise this impact why not set up redirected Zaps or automated workflows that keep the client up to date on company protocol.

The sales and lettings industry is as competitive as they come, so any edge you can get over the competition is a huge bonus. Showing a sense of urgency through real-time updates and automated meeting set-ups will help you demonstrate your competence and efforts for your client.

4. Improve transparency

Using Rezi Premium CRM software for real estate agents, you are able to set up automations that provide real-time updates to your clients. 

For example, you can automatically send an email or SMS to a seller when a viewing has been booked. Or, if needed, you can automatically set up a Zoom meeting link if a certain trigger is met. 

Your clients will appreciate the transparency and providing them with this information will only help build a better relationship between agent and buyer/seller. 

It’s also worth noting that our hybrid estate agency software, Rezi Anytime, also allows you to give clients a 24/7 login area, where they can view key updates and timelines in their own time. 

Learn more about Rezi Anytime or book a Rezi Premium software demo here:

Key to using automation in real estate

Here are some key pointers on using automation to improve your customer service in your online real estate software: 
  • Make sure your messaging isn’t robotic: Automation is techy but it doesn’t have to seem that way to your clients. Write the emails or text messages as if it were being sent by you or your agents – and make sure they suit your company’s tone.
  • Use merge fields: When setting up an automated email template, include the client’s name for a more personal touch. 
  • Don’t be afraid of automation: While it can be daunting to start using automation, once you’re set up, you will not regret it! 

For more information on using Rezi Premium estate agency software for automation, be sure to book a demo today and a friendly member of our team will be happy to walk you through the process of adding automation: