How Rezi Anytime Upgrades Your Customer Service

10.11.21 03:36 PM Comment(s)

Our Rezi estate agent software, coupled with Rezi Anytime, allows agents to improve client satisfaction while also improving their efficiency... 

Offering a premium level of customer service and prioritising client satisfaction is becoming an increasingly integral part of any sales or lettings agency’s growth.

But how do you offer better customer service through PropTech, while also allowing agents to work more efficiently?

Reinvent your estate agency's customer service
With Rezi Anytime hybrid estate agent software, you can provide your clients with their very own log in portal, which they can access online 24/7 to view sales progression, upload and sign documents electronically and even manage appointments.

We’ve come to expect real-time updates in our day-to-day lives, so it's also time to offer your clients live access to information on their property transaction, 24/7.

Compliment your face-to-face service with this online client gateway and watch your business grow.

Firstly, what is Rezi Anytime?

Rezi Anytime is an online login portal for your clients, which allows access to: 
  • Real-time sales progression updates 
  • Document e-signing and uploading 
  • Property searches 
  • Appointment management 

Better customer service for your clients, less work for your agents

As an estate agency, offering vendors their very own login portal will do wonders for your customer service and in turn client satisfaction. By doing so you are providing clients with 24/7 access to the information they need, improving their overall experience of purchasing or selling a property and allowing them to feel more at ease thanks to the useful live sales progression updates. 

As well as improving the level of service your clients receive, you will also make life easier for you and your estate agents. You will inevitably receive less emails and telephone calls, because the information your clients will be looking for is available in the palm of their hand thanks to Rezi Anytime. 

Whether your client wants to sign a document, find out what stage their property transaction has reached, or manage an appointment with your agency, Rezi Anytime has you covered! 

Clients are better-informed, feel valued 

Building stronger agent/client relationships is a must if you want them to return to you the next time they make a property transaction or want them to spread positive words about your agency to the local audience that you’re targeting.

Thanks to Rezi Anytime, your clients will feel valued and better-informed as they will appreciate the on-demand access to information that would otherwise be unavailable to them instantly if they were with a high-street agency that doesn’t have such a feature in place.

Offering your clients a dedicated online gateway that has been built purely to support them with real-time updates will ultimately result in added trust and increased value towards your agency throughout the whole property process. 

Sales progression updates: key milestones 

Rezi Anytime informs vendors and applicants and keeps them up-to-date on the progress of a property transaction through our sales progression updates. 

Clients have access to key milestones, which are listed along with their real-time status to provide clarity and transparency during a transaction. 

As a result, your clients are better-informed and your agents naturally receive fewer emails and phone calls, freeing up time to work on closing deals and winning more instructions. 
Rezi Anytime sales progression software

Win more instructions while offering a better service 

As you’re improving your estate agency’s offering through your PropTech and software, you will undoubtedly win more instructions as potential clients see the quality service that you provide. Rezi Anytime and your client gateway could be the difference when attempting to win an instruction, so don’t miss out! 

Because clients so often worry about the stress of being left in the dark during their property transaction, they will be drawn to your agency if you offer a login portal that provides them with the updates they need in real-time. 

Rezi Anytime could be the valuable USP that your estate agency business needs to attract more business and win more instructions. So, get started today by booking a demo with our friendly sales team, who will walk you through our Rezi CRM software for estate agents and the Rezi Anytime client portal. 

Interested in becoming an Anytime agent with hybrid estate agency software?

In short, Rezi Anytime hybrid estate agency software will: 
  • Enhance your business’ services 
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Build your clients’ trust in your agency
  • Improve your agent/client relationship
  • Offer transparency to clients
  • Ultimately help you win more instructions
Are you interested in Rezi estate agency software and Rezi Anytime? Book a demo today to find out more – both your agents and clients will thank you for it!