The Best Property Management Software for Letting Agents

What is the best property management software?

If you're looking for the top property management software in the UK, we've got you covered!

Property management software is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and further afield, as it has been recognised as a way of allowing letting agents to work more efficiently, improve their landlords' customer experience, and refine their business’ dealings, while keeping costs to a minimum!

In 2021, here at Dezrez we launched our very own UK cloud-based property management software, ReziPM, which offers everything you’d expect from your standard PM systems and much more! As one of the most advanced property management software solutions on the market, why not check it out by booking a demo?

In this guide, we cover exactly what a cloud-based property management software solution is, how to differentiate the best systems from the not-so-impressive, and how our UK-based CRM works for both enterprise and smaller businesses.
Best property management software UK

​What is cloud-based property management software?

Easy-to-use online property management software is a type of software product that provides letting agents with the tools they need to manage all of their every-day dealings in one place – including tenancies, tenants, landlords, properties, maintenance requests and crucially accounting. This is all explained in our ultimate guide to property management software in the UK, or you can simply book a demo of our own software to see it for yourself.

A cloud-based property management solution – like ReziPM – is accessible anywhere at any time, regardless of the device you’re using. Being cloud-based and built on an open-API, your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by you and your letting agents or property managers at home, at the office, or on the go - which has become even more important since the rise of digital solutions following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quite simply, our software helps property managers (letting agents in this instance) manage everything they need to manage. We give you the tools you need to provide the very best service possible to your landlords and in turn their tenants, helping them maximise their portfolio's potential. Does your landlord want to provide a better service to their tenants? Then using your agency and property managers is the way to do so! 

When it comes to choosing which PM software to buy, there are a wide range of providers to choose from, so it’s important to find the best property management software for your individual needs. Here at Dezrez, we can offer you exactly that, so don’t hesitate to book a free, no-obligation demo today!

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​What is the best property management software in the UK?

How you define your best property management software depends on your agency’s needs and preferences, but there are certain things to look for in a top-quality PM system provider.

Customer service. Your software provider should offer a responsive and helpful support system, accessible through live chat, email and telephone. When an issue arises, they should respond quickly and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Cloud-based software. Your property management software should be available to you and your company’s agents 24/7, which means that being cloud-based is highly important. This will allow you to access your data on-the-move, at home and at the office.

Future-proof. With full use of an API, ReziPM is future-proof, meaning that you won’t need to change providers every few years to stay ahead of the game. A modern and reliable online property management CRM system will take your agency to the next level and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Learn how to future-proof your agency today!

Cover the basics. As well as offering some frills, it’s important that a PM solution covers the basics of what you need every day. This includes the capacity to manage all of your properties, tenants, landlords, contractors and maintenance items. As well as this, it should also offer opportunities to streamline your workflows and automate daily processes - but not without covering the basics first!

Compliant accounting. All best-in-class property management software providers offer a built-in accounting program to cover all property types. ReziPM provides an accounting software that is fully compliant with all approved client money protection schemes in the UK, including Client Money Protect and RICS. Our integrations also allow for e-signatures and electronic document signing within Rezi software. Some agents may have separate accounting software for rental properties alongside their CRM, but why not combine the both in an all-in-one solution, like ReziPM?

At Dezrez, we offer all of the above with ReziPM, so why not book a demo?

Rezi Property Management Software in Office

Property management software for letting agents

There are many types of property management systems available in the UK and beyond so it’s important that you choose a real estate software package that meets your expectations.

For example, if you are a letting agent who manages a portfolio on behalf of landlords, you will need a property management solution like ReziPM. But if you’re a landlord, you may need a different type of app or system to handle your own properties. Here at Dezrez, we specialise in the best property management software for letting agents - so if that's what you're looking for, we'd be happy to help you maximise your agency's potential!

It's important to keep in mind that, for example, the best commercial property management software may differ from the best property management software for small businesses or residential properties - it all depends on your agency's portfolio and the number of landlords on your books. Book demos with software providers and make sure you know what type of system it is that you’re buying. Real estate rental or landlord management software is a crucial part of any letting agent’s business, as it allows for improved efficiency, better communication, and effective cost-saving.

​The best property management software for small businesses

At Dezrez, we are proud to offer property software to both sales and letting agents regardless of their size. Whether you are a one-branch start-up letting agency, or an enterprise business with multiple branches, we will offer a software package that suits you. 

ReziPM property management software and Rezi estate agent software is adaptable to suit your needs, which our friendly team of system experts will be able to explain to you in your initial demo.

Not sure what to expect in a software demo? Check out our guide on booking a ReziPM demo

Key features of a property management solution

If you’re looking to buy property management software, you need to know what the key features are and what to look for to find the best solution for your business. Some of the main features of the top property management software include the ability to:
  • Manage real estate properties, tenants, tenancies and landlords
  • Generate, renew and end tenancies
  • Work remotely on a cloud-based solution on various devices
  • View certificates and licences (Gas Safety, HMO, EPC)
  • Manage utilities and record meter readings
  • Assign contractors for maintenance work
  • Raise invoices
  • Send and receive funds
  • Manage residential properties
  • Conduct fully compliant accounting with auto banking for online payments

What about maintenance management?

One of the most popular features of our rental property management software is the fact that property managers or letting agents can manage maintenance requests right from within the CRM. 

Within ReziPM, maintenance management is available for individual maintenance jobs, allowing agents to assign contractors, raise invoices and even mark each property maintenance item in order of priority!

Some providers will offer property maintenance software as a standalone product, but at Dezrez, our ReziPM system comes with this included as an all-in-one solution to streamline your daily workflows and tasks.

From maintenance management to accounting legislations, managing rental properties can be complex - which is why your PM software needs to work for you, whether that's by providing opportunities to automate tasks or simply through general administrative functions. 

​ReziPM: Our top property management software


At Dezez, we are trusted by over 20,000 sales and letting agents, and after years of development, we launched ReziPM in 2021, a brand new property management system aiming to be the best in the business!

We are a trusted provider of sales and rental property software for real estate professionals, and all of the features you see above are included in our property management package – ReziPM.

Our residential property management software is an all-in-one, end-to-end solution for all letting agents, as we offer standard property management and accounting, as well as Rezi, our sales and lettings software to handle your general real estate agency work! 

Head over to our ReziPM product page for more information and to watch our new property management advertisement. 

If you’re interested in seeing ReziPM in action and talking to one of our friendly product experts, then book an online demo for free and under no obligation…