Why You Need Property Management Software with Accounting

The benefits of a combined property management and accounting solution. 

Property management software can help make the lives of letting agents far more comfortable and efficient, particularly if it includes a built-in accounting system like ReziPM does. 

Having a combined cloud-based property management software system with accounting capabilities within is crucial for sales and letting agents who want to manage their properties, landlords, tenancies and more, all under one CRM.

Remaining compliant with all client money protection schemes is an issue that all property managers face, so why not use an all-in-one property management and accounting software? 

Property management and accounting

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What is property management accounting? 

There are many different aspects of property management accounting that a good real estate management accounting software system can cover. This includes:

  • Receiving and sending funds
  • Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Rent payments
  • Paying landlords
  • Paying contractors
  • Managing deposits
  • Produce and processing payment batches

Doing all of this manually while remaining fully compliant with all relevant legislations can be extremely difficult and time consuming for letting agents. So, let your online rental property management and accounting software do it for you! A property management CRM will allow you to manage all of those tasks, and more, from within your software, while also helping you stay in line with the latest client money protection schemes.

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Do you need property management software with accounting?

If you’re a letting agency who manages properties, yes! Having good property management accounting software within your regular CRM is hugely important from a business development perspective. With a CRM like ReziPM, letting agents who need to manage accounts relating to properties, landlords and tenants, can do so with ease while remaining compliant with the latest real estate legislation.

Using an all-in-one property management system, you can become more efficient, automate mundane tasks, and stay on top of your every-day dealings with little effort. A property management accounting system will also help you ensure that your accounts are all in order, and reduces the human errors that could occur with other methods of handling rent, deposits and other payments. 

ReziPM Property management software with accounts

What is the best accounting software for property management?

A combined solution…

Before committing to a CRM, you of course need to make sure that you are choosing the best property accounting software for you and your company (your letting agency in this case). At Dezrez, we believe that a combined property management and accounting software is the best option for letting agents, as you are able to manage all your properties, tenancies, tenants and landlords, as well as the accounting side of things (deposits, rent, maintenance, etc.).

That’s why we decided to launch ReziPM in 2021, our bespoke property management software system with built-in accounting, working alongside our cloud-based, API-driven estate agency CRM ‘Rezi’.

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Property management accounting software within ReziPM


ReziPM is a modern, online and cloud-based property management system with fully compliant accounting. We used our experience of over 20 years in providing estate agent software to create the complete PM solution, giving our letting agents the very best experience.

Thanks to Dezrez having both estate agent software and PM, sales and letting agents are able to handle their data all in one place, meaning there is no need to pay for several systems from different providers.

Key features of PM systems with accounts 

ReziPM’s property management accounting software allows real estate professionals to pay landlords, manage deposits, process payment batches, pay contractors for maintenance work, and of course, collect rent. Managing client funds and reconciling accounts is crucial and can be fully automated and compliant within ReziPM.

Within Rezi, there is also a feature called Rezi Anytime, a hybrid CRM where agents are able to give their clients 24/7 access through a white label system. This will only improve your relationship with your clients, allowing for greater transparency without the need for endless manual phone calls and emails. Head over to our ultimate guide to property management software for more information on PM and its features, or if you’re ready to book a demo, please do so.

Our demos are online and free of charge, and you’re under no obligation whatsoever if you choose not to go ahead. Although, once you’ve seen Rezi and ReziPM in action, we’re sure you won’t be able to resist! Read more: How to Book a Property Management Software Demo.

A property management and accounting software can help take your letting agency to new heights, improving efficiency, accuracy and customer service. So, why wait? Book a demo with Dezrez today!