• What Software Do Estate Agents Use?

    What should sales and lettings agents look for in the best CRM software? Here's all you need to know. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are essential for first-class portfolio management in your sales and lettings agency. Here's everything you need to know about the best software for estate agents.

The best estate agents in the UK will typically use cloud-based, API-driven CRM software provided to them by a company specialising in property software systems. Using a software solution that is specifically designed for an estate agents' unique business processes is key to nailing first class client and property management. Having reliable, innovative and constantly evolving software is crucial for estate agencies, as they must stay ahead of the game in an increasingly tech-savvy industry. 
Estate Agent Using Software

Property lettings software can easily take your real estate business to the next level. We've put together a quick and easy guide to the best software for estate agents and property professionals to help you choose the right software for your agency!

Why do sales and lettings agents use estate agency software?

Estate agency software enables agents to manage their workflows efficiently, improve communications with tenants and landlords and manage their day-to-day administrative activities with ease using one single end-to-end solution. Simply, user-friendly CRM systems empower sales and lettings agents to boost their efficiency as well as sales and lettings.

Real estate feels like a never-ending to-do list. An all-in-one CRM streamlines the workload of agents and property managers by automating time-consuming admin tasks and provides more time for selling and letting properties!

What key features should estate agents look for in their CRM software?

Rezi Best Estate Agent Software
With a wide variety of estate agency software on the market nowadays, it's important to know what key features to look for in order to separate the best of the bunch. We recommend ensuring that your CRM provides:

A user-friendly dashboard

Don't waste time trying to navigate a complicated workspace, choose a CRM with a built-in easy-to-use dashboard that the whole team can get on board with. A simple dashboard allows you to easily access and manage communications, applicant queries, landlord information and more from one platform.

Fully customisable workflows that allow you to automate your business 

Say goodbye to manually entering information across multiple platforms - by integrating your full-featured CRM with automation add-ons, your system does the hard work for you. Seamlessly carry out your contact management, update documents and marketing materials from a single ​​agent software.

Live diary and email sync

Ensure the whole team stays up-to-date by selecting a CRM with real-time sync. As more and more agents have adapted to working remotely, staying in sync with one another's schedules is vital. Efficiently organise team meetings, agent schedules, tenant viewings, and customer appointments in one place.

Integration with third-party applications

Maximise your agency by selecting a CRM software that can easily integrate with third-party applications such as What3words, View My Chain and GOTO Group. This will make your real estate agency stand out from the rest. For example, integrating with What3words will allow your clients to find your properties easily, and View My Chain helps agencies to deliver faster completions without the need for additional input from a conveyancer. You can view our full partners and integrations list in its entirety here.

API-led management software

Real estate management software that offers a large number of integration partners are incredibly sought after by estate agents. An open-API takes these possibilities to integrate one step further - if you cannot find a proptech integration that works for your business among their pre-existing partners, you can onboard your existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Advertise on third-party platforms

With just one click, you can advertise your property portfolio across multiple platforms including Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and other leading names in the property industry. It should be no secret to agents that advertising your properties on external sites can maximise your reach. Increase your sales by opting for a fully automated CRM now!

Intelligent property matching

An essential part of the pre-tenancy process, intelligent property matching allows agents to find the perfect tenant-property pairing. This makes for happy tenants, reliable rent and ensures that property management is as easy as can be.

Instant access to documents and data wherever you are

With the rise in home working since the pandemic, it's never been more important to have remote access to data. By opting for cloud-based estate agent software over a solution that is exclusively on-premise, agents can access their files in the office, at home or on the go by having their data stored securely over the internet. There's also no need to carry around a heavy laptop all day - cloud-based systems come mobile-friendly. With cloud-based estate agent software, reliability and accessibility are built-in.

Efficient data migration when you come on board

In such a highly competitive, fast-paced industry, nobody wants to waste valuable time shutting down the office while the systems update. By selecting a reliable, high-quality CRM, you can avoid unnecessary losses, protect your in-house data history and keep closing on properties - not your offices.

The perfect cloud-based estate agency software

Luckily, you don't have to look far to find an estate agency software with all these features built-in - here at Dezrez, we provide them all (and more!) with our industry-leading management software Rezi. 

Rezi offers a highly reliable, constantly evolving and efficient estate agency CRM, so all its users have a positive and comfortable experience – from estate agents to landlords and home buyers.

We provide various estate agent software packages at Dezrez – Rezi Pro Lite, Pro, Premium, Enterprise and even Property Management - meaning you can select the package that is most suited to your agency's needs. Saving time and making your day-to-day administrative jobs easier are our priorities, keep reading to find out more about this...

There are even optional add-ons available with our sales and rental property software, including Rezi Anytime (a client portal giving your customers 24/7 access to data), brochure building tools, calendar sync and electronic document signing. You can, of course, pick and choose which of our extra products best suit your agency and create a package tailored to your needs.

How can your business benefit from using estate agency software?

As we're sure you can already tell, the benefits of using estate agency software are endless. Some key benefits include:

High-quality customer experience 

As agents can effectively manage multiple clients, properties and processes at once using automation to streamline their workload, clients benefit from an improved experience. Using a software system to streamline contact management from applicant to tenant, landlord to buyers, agents can provide comprehensive service across their portfolios and ensure complete GDPR compliance.

Enhanced communication

Customer service and communication can make or break an estate agency, so building a rapport between agents and clients is key. Poor communication from an estate agent is one of the biggest reasons why clients take their business elsewhere. It also tarnishes your agency's reputation. Avoid negative reviews by investing in a CRM to enhance communications, manage ad-hoc enquiries and ensure contact details for your portfolio accessible.

Remote working from any device

Enable agents to work on-the-go using cloud-based CRM systems. Remote working isn't going out of fashion anytime soon - install instant reliability with software that allows your agents to keep on top of essential admin whilst out and about. Cloud-based software is particularly useful when agents are on location with viewings and valuations, as they can pull up pricing, contact details, EPC ratings and more from mobile devices. 

Adding our optional Rezi Anytime functionality to your agent software product gives clients 24/7 access to agents and documents, improving efficiency and experience. 

You can save time and effort 

Automate your daily administrative jobs using workflows and no longer waste hours typing the same information into multiple platforms - let your CRM take that burden off your shoulders. Administrative tasks are often mundane and repetitive (and therefore easy to automate) so save time and effort by using clever, customisable ‘Zapier workflows’ to take care of daily administrative jobs. 

At Dezrez, our industry-leading Rezi software offers all of these key benefits and more

We also provide a feature called Rezi Meet which gives you the option of remote video calling between agents and clients built-in to your CRM. This could prove vital with the ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions and ensures that you're catering to a whole demographic of customers for whom video interactions are their preferred method of contact. 

You even have the option to collaborate with our partner Dezrezlegal which provides conveyancing services. 

What CRM software do sales and lettings agents use? 

We’d love to tell you that ALL estate agencies in the UK and beyond use our Dezrez Rezi software. Unfortunately, that’s not true - there are many different software providers out there.

However, we definitely think we’re one of the best...

But don't just take our word for it - ask the 20,000+ agents who put their trust in our software every day! 

Penrith Farmers & Kidd’s (PFK): “We came to Dezrez in 2012 and over the years we moved from the Dezrez software to the Rezi product. At PFK, we pride ourselves on making our clients' property journey as simple as possible and rely on Rezi to make that a reality.”

Aspen Residential: “Extremely accurate and useable data. Through the onboarding, we were provided with instructions each step of the way and this informed us on exactly what to do to make our data so accurate. The training they provided for us was excellent and enabled us to start using the system immediately.” 

Country Properties: "We joined Dezrez because as time moves on, things change and the previous software providers could not offer the cross-office integration and ’real time’ functionality that Dezrez provides.

Satchells Estate Agents: "We have been involved with Dezrez since their early years, and the reasons we chose them many years ago are still applicable today. Their web based software is straightforward and flexible for all staff with varying IT skills, and help is always on hand from the technical team. For any multi branch estate agency, Dezrez is in our opinion the best product for us in terms of flexibility and value for money."

Head over to our Dezrez Customer Reviews and Testimonials to watch or read about some more of our agents’ experiences working with us at Dezrez. 

Rezi software: perfect for real estate businesses big and small

At Dezrez, we are proud that our Rezi estate agent software packages offer varying features, a whole host of optional add-ons and pricing points to suit all agencies, big and small.

Rezi Pro Lite - perfect for start-up estate agents. 
  • Immediate set-up to instantly elevate your service and get the most out of your platform.
  • Seamless onboarding for a smooth transition without interrupting your real-estate business.
  • Full training provided by our friendly team of experts to optimise your lettings management and communications.
  • Fantastic range of features including email and calendar sync, electronic signing and auto SMS can transform the capabilities of your start-up agency. 
  • Pricing that is competitive and affordable. Rezi Pro Lite is specifically designed with start-ups in mind, so we're not going to put you out of business when trying to streamline it! 

Rezi Pro - superb cloud-based software for estate agents. 
  • User-friendly, customisable dashboards enable your whole team to work effectively and collaboratively through an easy-to-use platform.
  • Cloud-based for efficient remote working anywhere, anytime, whether you're a single-office to multi-agency real estate business. 
  • A multiple-user license so your whole team can reap the benefits of cloud-based sales and lettings management! 
  • Upload to numerous property portals with one click using automated workflows within the platform's open API. 

Rezi Premium - your all-in-one estate agency software. 
  • Build personalised automated workflows using Zapier to streamline your agency's communication, administrative and marketing capabilities. 
  • Automatically upload to property portals and social media platforms to improve the reach of your properties to prospective applicants. 
  • Access to Rezi Meet to provide video-calling as a part of the sales and letting process and improve applicant experience and communication. 
  • Pull EPC data from the government database directly into your system to inform your agents and clients with accurate property data.

Rezi Enterprise - essential for large, multi-branch agencies. 
  • Reliable and efficient connectivity between applications and devices using our unique open-API and ensure seamless data transfers and communication flows.
  • Infinite integrations with your business' existing systems and programs as well as all of our third-party partners and open API opportunities. 
  • Secure data with Dezrez Core and rest assured that your real estate business' documents, client contact details, portfolio insights and more are in safe hands. 
  • Corporate scalability built-in, let your estate agency software grow with you and embrace complete growth potential!

ReziPM Property Management (PM) - our dedicated property management software. Ideal for property managers and lettings agents. 
  • End-to-end property management solution from pre-tenancy checks and tenancy agreements to rent collection, property queries and maintenance management in both single occupancy and HMO properties.
  • Industry-leading property management software enables property managers to manage their portfolios effectively, using automated workflows to speed up processes.
  • Built-in accounting software with automated calculations make client accounting easy and ensures 100% compliance with the latest legislation and client money protection schemes.
  • Complete pre-tenancy processes quicker using our integration with RentProfile - which completes applicant referencing checks 5x faster than average.
  • Reliable rent collection using automated reminders to ensure tenants are aware of collection dates.
  • Keep ahead of landlord payments with auto banking to ensure all non-resident property owners receive their rent on time and in full.
  • Efficient communication between landlords and tenants using automated email, SMS and calendar sync to ensure all parties are notified for instances like property inspections. 

Dezrez provides estate agency software for every type of agent and property manager...

While we’re confident that we will have a package to suit you, if you’re not sure whether or not Rezi is right for your agency, book a free, no-obligation demo today and a member of our support team will walk you through how the software works. 

Our high-performance, award-winning property sales and letting agency software is always improving, which allows the estate agents who use it to improve alongside it.

There are many companies providing estate agent software solutions in the UK, but we’re sure you won’t look back if you choose us. Discover our software solutions in more detail here.
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