Discover Premium 2: Automated Social Media Posting 

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In the second of our ‘Discover Premium’ series, we explore how automated social media marketing in Rezi Premium (estate agency software) can help your business grow online.

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Automated Social Media Posting for Estate Agents

Social Media for Estate Agents

Social media posting is an absolute must for businesses across all industries  in today’s economy, with real estate being no exception.

Why? Put simply, social media can be used for advertising and marketing properties, building rapport with your customers, improving your online presence and increasing trust among potential clients (and more!).
It has to be done – but that doesn’t mean that you or your employees need to be spending time manually posting every new instruction to Instagram or advertising reduced properties on Facebook yourself.

Thanks to Rezi Premium’s powerful workflow engine, estate agents can set up automations to trigger social media posts automatically.
For example, you can set up workflows to:
  • Post images of properties to Facebook as soon as they are available
  • Post advertisement images to Instagram when price is reduced
  • Tweet whenever a property is sold
Social media for estate agents

Post to Facebook

As soon as a property is ready to go to market, the workflow automatically posts the property’s images and customisable details to your Facebook page.

Post to Instagram

Automatically post a promotion on your Instagram page whenever a property is sold - celebratory content is allowed on social media!

Post to Twitter

Use a workflow to post reduced-cost properties to Twitter when the cost is reduced within your Rezi estate agency CRM software. 

The benefits of social media automation tools like Rezi Premium

When you set up marketing automations to post to social media within your estate agency software, you:
  1. Most importantly - Save time, allowing you to focus on higher-priority tasks
  2. Save money – you won’t need to outsource a social media expert if your CRM can do it for you
  3. Engage with clients more often and build rapport
  4. Maintain a consistent flow of content – improving your online presence
  5. Win more deals – having an impressive social media strategy will improve sales, particularly as the rise in buyers shopping online increases. 

The time you save when you automate your social media posting within Rezi Premium is invaluable. Time is precious so don’t waste another minute doing these manual tasks that could simply be done by your digital CRM system, like Rezi Premium!

What marketing or social media platforms can you post to?

Social media marketing can refer to many different platforms, and which ones you use depends on your overall strategy. Note that having a clear marketing plan is still important, even when using in-house social media automation tools.
Estate agents tend to use a variety of social media channels during campaigns and regular posting, including:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram 
  • Google My Business
Zapier workflows will work with pretty much every social media website, so be sure to explore your options! Remember to use your insights and analytics and then consider focusing on the channels that your audience are engaging with most. 

What should real estate agents post on social media?

The type of content you post to social outlets as an estate agent varies depending on the type of business you're running and what messaging you want to portray. Every agency is different and it's important that you set up your automated posts to reiterate the branding and tone. 

There are no strict rules regarding social media for estate agents, so don't hesitate to get creative with your posts. Some of the automatic posts you could set up include: 
  • New properties for sale
  • Re-advertise properties that have been on the market for a certain time
  • Sold properties (celebrate your victories!)
  • Reduced price properties

You can also look at posting the latest industry related news articles that feature in the top online newspapers and magazines. Many agents are becoming thought leaders with quick to react republishing of hot topic news and information on the latest legislation.

Remember, content is king, so be sure to set up your automations with your audience in mind and think carefully about your messaging. 

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Set up your social media automation for estate agents using Rezi Premium today and watch your follower count grow!

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