8 Benefits of Property Management Software

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On a daily basis, letting agents and property managers are often tasked with handling manual business operations, such as tracking and collecting rent and managing maintenance requests. Although these jobs only represent a portion of the work done by property managers and letting agents, they can become time consuming and tedious.

To help avoid such frustrations, many letting agents in the UK are turning to a purpose-built system in property management software.

In short, property management software is a CRM system that allows letting agents and property managers to handle their day-to-day tasks relating to properties and accounting. A PM system enables the automation of mundane administrative operations, improving the efficiency and accuracy of letting agencies in the UK and further afield.

Benefits of Property Management Software

The key advantages of using property management software

The benefits of using property management software are vast and the features you are most drawn to will depend on your requirements as a letting agent. Here are 8 ways letting agents benefit from a property management CRM (especially our very own ReziPM!)…

1. Efficient task management and organisation

Within a bespoke property management system, letting agents are able to manage all of their properties, landlords, tenants, tenancies, contractors, and more! All of this can be done inside one simple solution, which means that there is no need to pay for multiple software systems, and endless piles of paperwork will be a thing of the past.

Being able to manage all aspects of your property management in one place will simplify your daily routine and make life easier for all involved.

2. Save time, money and resource

When you use modern property management software with accounting built-in, you will not need to pay for multiple systems to handle each aspect property management – it can all be done within one PM solution.

As your letting agency becomes more efficient by using a property management CRM, you will also have more free time on your hands to work on other areas of the business. Having organised data stored centrally within your CRM can help you stay on top of your every-day tasks with ease. Using a CRM, letting agencies become more productive, enhancing the way business operations are handled.

If you want to know more about PM, read our full guide to online property management software.

Property management accounting software

3. Compliant accounting built-in

The best property management software systems will also have the capability to offer accounting within them. A PM accounting system will allow you to handle your accounts using your CRM software, while remaining compliant with the latest legislations and client money protection schemes. Not only does this protect your letting agency, but it also ensures that your clients are protected.

Property management accounting can be difficult as letting agencies manage such a large number of properties, but your CRM software will undoubtedly help you get it done accurately and securely. 

4. Rent collection

Late rent payments could be a thing of the past if your property management solution offers automatic accounting features. Luckily for letting agents and property managers, you will no longer need to chase tenants for rent payments, as you can receive funds right from within your PM software.

5. Better communication with clients

As letting agents can manage so many different properties at one time, poor communication with clients is one of the most common issues that they face. Luckily, that is easily resolved with a property management system.

In your CRM, you are able to safely store contact details for all relevant parties – including landlords, tenants and contractors – so you will always have easy access to the contact information you need.

6. Manage maintenance requests without hassle

ReziPM has built-in maintenance management capabilities, which means that letting agents can create and manage individual maintenance jobs, assign contractors (as their contact details can be stored in the system), and raise invoices. The urgency of maintenance work can be recorded, as well as regular updates on the progression status of the items.

7. Access your information anywhere

Don’t be left in the dark! A fully cloud-based and mobile-friendly property management software system gives letting agents access to their data on any device, regardless of where they are. This means that agents are able to work on property management at home, at the office, or on the go.

8. Easily view a property’s licences and certificates

As part of ReziPM, letting agents are able to view and record certificates and licences, utilities, and even meter readings. There are many licences and certificates to stay on top of as a letting agency, which is why they are able to view and document within the software itself. The licences and certificates available include Gas Safety, HMO and EPC. 

ReziPM Property Management Software

ReziPM – The future of property management software 

ReziPM is a property management solution built to meet these benefits and make life easier for letting agents. If you’re interested in our new CRM system, simply book a demo and a member of our team will be in touch: