Dezrez wasn't built in a day

It all started with a simple idea...
  • 1998
    In the year of Google’s birth, Ian Pearce invents an online property portal and spends his time refining prototypes
  • 1999
    Just one year later, Justin Morris and Ian Pearce join forces to take the concept to market and christen the portal
  • 2000
    Unperturbed by the millennium bug hysteria; forward thinking property professionals help refine the idea into the UK’s first online estate agency software
  • 2000
    First employee
    Moving quickly, Ian and Justin hire the first employee and the first of many properties is entered into the software
  • 2001
    Dedicated premises
    Estate agents jump on board the online train and propel forward so quickly that four employees and business premises are required
  • 2002
    100 customers
    In the year brings in its seminal 100th customer, Wikipedia raises its profile, Google gathers momentum, and bloggers begin to surface
  • 2003
    100,000 properties
    Estate agents enter 100,000 properties into by the time broadband and Apple iTunes become mainstream concepts
  • 2004
    Prime minister visits
    Facebook launches and PM Tony Blair visits our very own British success story as half a million properties are uploaded to
  • 2005
    500 customers
    Forward thinkers capitalise on Internet and mobile technologies with 500 estate agents joining, eBay buying Skype and Murdoch stumping up for MySpace
  • 2006
    1,000,000 properties
    One million properties are stored in and Dezrez Legal, our conveyancing service, is launched in the year Twitter slips onto the market
  • 2007
    1,000 customers
    1000 UK estate agencies now use to drive business and from November keep an eye on the game-changing newly launched iPhone
  • 2008
    30 employees moves into its own purpose built premises, hires employee number 30 and wins the Orange Business Award as an online campaign secures Barack Obama the White House
  • 2009
    2,000,000 properties
    As two million properties are entered into, Facebook explodes into the mainstream and smartphones become de rigueur
  • 2010
    First customisable dashboard launches the first customisable dashboard to give estate agents more control just as the first iPad hits the market
  • 2011
    PM launched
    Dezrez PM is launched as rural communities get the go ahead for broadband, Google+ arrives, and Android becomes a real contender in mobile
  • 2013
    Invitation to 10 Downing street
    In the year wearable technology becomes viable, strengthens its board of directors and Dezrez Legal accepts an invitation to 10 Downing St from George Osbourne
  • 2014
    100 employees celebrates its 100th employee and prepares to unveil its next ‘smart’ move; Smart watches have given the phrase particular resonance this year
  • 2015
    Rezi launched launches Rezi, its game-changing platform for estate agents; with its open API it transforms how they use software to accelerate their business
  • 2016
    Enhance houses a dizzying array of third party apps, extensions, customisations and partnerships
  • 2017
    Rezi Anytime
    We Launch Rezi’s Client Portal, live, real time, online access to information and progress of customer's purchase, sale or rental.
  • 2018
    In October Richard Price joins as MD.
  • 2019
    We win the biggest deal in our history - 116 branch agency in the SE.
  • 2020
    A new website is launched providing more online services to clients.
  • 2020
    Zapier Integration