Automated EPC Certificates for Client Satisfaction
EPC certificates are legal requirements for lettings but also good practice for estate agents to assure client satisfaction in sales processes.
30.03.22 03:33 PM - Comment(s)
Managing Landlord Relations: Letting Agent's Guide
Dezrez looks at how letting agents can manage relationships with landlords, using a CRM software to improve communication.
15.03.22 02:01 PM - Comment(s)
Top 5 Benefits of Estate Agent Automated Workflows
In this blog, we discuss how Rezi's integration with Zapier allows your agency to automate a wide range of workflows.
08.03.22 03:36 PM - Comment(s)
Estate Agency Stock Shortage Challenges
Within this blog, we will discuss some of the causes for this decline whilst also providing solutions for dealing with this issue in the market.
02.03.22 10:50 AM - Comment(s)
AML Compliance Webinar with Rezi
Ensure full compliance with AML checks using Rezi, enhanced by Credas. Streamline your estate agency's processes for efficiency and security.
17.02.22 04:16 PM - Comment(s)