Easy Property Portal Uploads with Rezi

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If you're a smaller estate agency or a start-up, unsure of how to get your properties on the world's leading property websites, then we can help you out! Using our estate agency software, sales and lettings estate agents can automatically post properties (for sale or to let) to property portal websites right from within Rezi CRM system. 

So how do you do this using our property portal upload software and, more importantly, why should you do this as an estate agent? 
Property Portal Uploading Software
Interested? Check out the Property Portals Rezi Uploads To.

What are property portals?

A property portal is a website or online 'portal' that allows estate and lettings agents to advertise their properties that are for sale or for rent. These are often properties being sold on behalf of residential property owners, who have instructed agents to complete this process. 

Potential property purchasers often use major portals to search for their ideal home, due to their ease of use and time-saving nature. Property feeds within portals are incredibly valuable tools for real estate agents to have at their disposal, so it's imperative that you make full use of them to advertise your properties for sale and to let.

Uploading properties to property portals using software

To make your life easier, you can use Rezi estate agent software to upload properties to these portals with just one click of a button. We essentially offer an online property portal software, in addition to our advanced sales and lettings CRM system where you can manage all properties, clients (buyers, tenants), tasks and much more.

Who can advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and other property portals?

If you're a registered estate agent, letting agent or new home developer, you can list properties on the likes of Rightmove, Zoopla, Homesearch and OnTheMarket using portal software. Bear in mind that there are a few requirements that each property website will ask you to meet before using their feed.

At Dezrez, we will walk you through each portal during your onboarding stage to our estate agency software, their benefits and the requirements you'll need to meet. You'll have a dedicated account manager that can help you make these decisions if you're a new or start-up agency.

Looking for a new property

Using Rezi's property portal software

Our property portal software within Rezi's CRM system allows you to advertise properties to a wide range of websites or portals with just one click of a button. When a property is ready to go to market, you simply tick a box in Rezi estate agent software and it'll automatically post to your selected portals. If you opt for Rezi Premium, you can also set up automated workflows that can post automatically to social media in the same instance. We'll go into how you can automate processes to save time within your CRM later in the blog... 

Rezi property software allows you to advertise properties on the likes of Rightmove, Zoopla, Property Pal, OnTheMarket, Guild, Relocation Agent Network, UK Land and Farms, MoveStreets, Homesearch and much more. 

Head over to our full list of portals we upload to through Rezi for more information. 

The benefits of using software for your portal uploads

So, why should you advertise through Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and other portals in addition to your own website? 

The main benefit of using property portal software is how much time it saves you as a sales or letting agent. 

Think about it - with one click of a button, you can advertise your property to an incredibly vast audience through the major portals. This can save you many valuable hours of duplicate administration work, logging in to every website and entering all your property data individually. You can use this time to help your clients complete faster on their properties and win more instructions! 

Using our portal system within Rezi's cloud-based estate agency software, you are essentially putting your property in front of more potential vendors and landlords, and therefore  strengthening your brand awareness resulting in greater lead gen opportunities to instruct.

Enhance your offering with Rezi Premium & automation 

To enhance your estate agency's efficiency and productivity, we also offer a package called Rezi Premium, which has been built to allow you to automate workflows. 

With Rezi, you're able to post to property portals with a click of a button. With the addition of Rezi Premium, you unlock further functionality which provides opportunities for automation within your software. 
Rezi Premium estate agents software
For example, thanks to Rezi Premium's third-party integration with Zapier, you can set up an automation that triggers automatic social media posts when a property is ready to be advertised. You can even use Rezi Premium to turn your property images into sleek video advertisements, add watermarks and more by simply ticking a box in the CRM. Think of how much time this could save you, and what you could do with that time! 

Discover Rezi, our all-in-one sales and lettings estate agent software, to enhance your agency, win more business and improve efficiency! Rezi's CRM platform allows you to manage and book valuations, keep up to date records of your clients' data, automate processes and complete all your daily tasks as an estate agent. 

If you're a letting agent or property manager, you may also be interested in our property management software, which allows you to manage landlords, tenants, tenancies and more! 

Choosing the right property portal for your sales or lettings agency

Once you have your estate agent software solution (including the property portal software) set up, you will then need to choose a set number of portals to advertise your available properties on. This decision can be quite difficult if you're unsure of whether to opt for a major portal or if you're looking to target a specific audience through a local website. But fear not, we can make the process a lot easier for you.  

As a Rezi user, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager, who can help talk you through the main benefits of each portal and which ones might be right for you.  

Before selecting your property portal website, ask yourself...  
  1. Does it give you the exposure you need to sell or rent your properties quickly? 
  2. Are your competitors using that portal? 
  3. Is the target audience big enough to achieve a return on investment (ROI)?   
  4. Who owns the portal feed and what are their requirements of you? (Check whether it's independent, owned by a competitor etc.) 
  5. Is the demographic using the portal right for your business strategy? 
  6. Do you need to hit a very local audience or a higher volume of potential buyers? 

Using Rezi and its built-in portal uploading software allows you to improve efficiency and ultimately sell more properties and in less time.

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