What Estate Agents Can Expect from a CRM in 2022

10.01.22 10:06 AM Comment(s)

As 2021 draws to a close and we look forward to new beginnings in 2022, it has become clear that uncertainty is the norm in the whirlwind of pandemic and post-pandemic life. For estate agencies, adaptability has been key in enabling agents to maintain the same connectivity and relationships with their clients when in-person communication wasn't possible. Utilising a customer relationship management (CRM) system to the best of its capabilities in your real estate business is the best way to ensure client satisfaction and drive new business in 2022.

What to expect from a CRM
It's important to future-proof your agency, whether business is booming or you're dealing with a lettings or sales drought. Building a firm sales pipeline and managing current client business and relationships is fundamental to success in sales and lettings, so having an effective CRM solution in place is invaluable (if we do say so ourselves!). Estate agencies can benefit from understanding the latest advancements in CRM software to optimise their sales process, from streamlining sales to enhancing customer experience.

In 2022, give your agents and clients peace of mind by utilising an effective CRM to its full capabilities. Don't worry, there's no need to do hours of research on the discovering latest trends to amplify your real estate business - we've done the leg work for you. In this guide, we'll cover exactly what you should expect from your estate agency software over the next year and the key benefits of a CRM system. 

A cloud-based system

As many businesses and estate agencies have benefitted from remote working over the last two years, it's clear that working remotely isn't going anywhere in 2022.

A recent survey shows that 77% of workers believe they are more productive when they work from home. Cloud-based CRM software gives you and your team the benefit of flexibility. 

As a cloud-based CRM system enables you to work effectively from anywhere, there's no need to worry about productivity being impacted by working from home. 
Cloud based
If your sales and lettings agency isn't already utilising cloud-based CRM software, you need to be. Cloud-based systems allow you to access and store your data securely and remotely so you and your team can access your data wherever, whenever; in the office, at home or on-the-go. Say goodbye to sitting at your desk for hours on end - with a cloud-based CRM, you access information even whilst you are on the move, so you can get back to doing what you do best... selling and letting properties!

At Dezrez, our CRM system - Rezi - is a cloud-based platform that provides clients and agents with 24/7 access to our wide range of CRM tools. To see it in action for yourself, why not book a free, no-obligation demo with one of our friendly experts?

Cloud-based systems provide complete access to your data and client information to allow your team to work remotely with ease. 

Endless integration opportunities with an Open-API

Rezi is built on an Open API, so you can expect to see more of our impressive integrations during 2022. 

An open Application Programming Interface (API) in a CRM allows for seamless integration between two pieces of software, enabling your information to be centrally accessible to your sales teams through your CRM solution. This is how we're able to integrate seamlessly with the likes of what3words, Sprift, GOTO, Credas and many more innovative PropTech suppliers. 

Not only this, an open API enables your existing programmes and platforms to integrate with your CRM and work together in harmony; saving onboarding costs, avoiding delays in staff productivity, and hardware changeovers. 

Rezi provides end-to-end solutions for all your CRM needs. By allowing you to easily integrate your customer data into an all-in-one customer relationship management platform, Rezi provides effortless personalization of your CRM database. Open-API technology makes customer service, business processes, and customer relationships a whole lot easier to manage - and enhance! 

An open-API allows the CRM to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems which reduces onboarding costs, avoids delays and saves time. 

A CRM that's built for automation

Sales and letting agents can benefit from automated workflows within Rezi to drive lead management, sales pipelines and client communications. 

Rezi estate agency software offers built-in automation features, allowing agents to utilise workflows to increase efficiency and manage their time effectively. Automated software minimises the need for human input and reduces human error, keeping all your data and customer information up-to-date across multiple platforms without having to spend hours manually updating them all. With a few simple clicks, you can make your CRM system work for you, and in many ways, have Rezi essentially act as another member of your staff!

Rezi is integrated with Zapier, an automation platform that enables your teams to construct customised workflows to improve efficiency. With Webhooks from Zapier, your agents can set up Zaps to automate virtually any workflow or communication, including Facebook posts and emails to clients.

Allow your agents to track their customer interactions, internal and external communications and always stay well-informed on sales-related information, giving them more time to build sales pipelines and manage client satisfaction. 

Automated CRM systems make managing communications and customer relations easy and effective.

Enhanced customer service features

Despite advances in PropTech - the property industry is still very much a people-led business.

Great customer communications are at the core of any good sales and lettings agency's skill set. More than ever, client satisfaction is crucial as clients expect a higher level of service from their agents. Effective customer service is a must-have if you are looking to developing strong, long-lasting client relationships. In turn, this boosts your sales and maximises your profits - a win-win!

One of the key benefits of utilising Rezi estate agency software is that it makes providing high-quality customer service easy. You can manage everything from one easy-to-use place. Rezi allows you connect your social media platforms, email accounts and accounting software automatically thanks to its open API, which makes it a dream to distribute effective marketing campaigns or post multiple pieces of content across your social media at once, in real-time. Our integration with Zapier makes this possible, helping agents boost instructions and brand awareness with automatically generated posts. 

Being a reliable CRM system, Rezi will strengthen the trust between clients and your agents and create long-term customer retention.

Whether it's improving property marketing on your social media, streamlining sales or tracking a customer journey from consultation to completion - the benefits of Rezi are endless. 

CRM software makes providing first-class customer service a breeze. 

Rezi: Everything you need from a CRM system

We're proud to offer a reliable CRM software that provides every kind of tool you'd expect as standard, as well as a whole lot more! To supplement Rezi, we offer a variety of add-ons that can help you win more sales, become more efficient and enhance your agency's overall service.

As well as efficient automation, remote access, and streamlined contact management, our CRM can even provide opportunities for growth within your agency. For example, by referring clients to our partner platform Dezrezlegal (a personalised conveyancing service) agents can gain a referral fee right from within the CRM!

Whether your agency is big or small, local or national; make 2022 your most efficient year yet using Dezrez's industry-leading CRM platform for your real estate business. 

For start-up estate agencies and small businesses: try Rezi Pro Lite, the perfect CRM system to get you started. Streamline communications throughout the sales process and build trust with your new clients. Avoid any set-up pain points with a CRM that's ready-to-use when you are, with immediate set-up and seamless onboarding! 

Established estate agencies may want to start with the Rezi Pro package. This version of the system allows you to maintain your client relationships and customer experience as your agency grows with cross-team data access via multiple user licenses. Boost your bottom line profits and maximise your agent's time using automated workflows to ensure client communication is consistent and portfolios are managed effectively. 

For those agencies that want the most from their CRM system, Rezi Premium can transform your agency's capabilities! For a completely integrated CRM experience using automation, in-built video conferencing, custom forms and fields or even EPC data generation, Premium has it all. 

Enterprise agencies can make Rezi their own with Rezi Enterprise - our most extensive and customisable package for enterprise-level estate agents.

Get in touch to see which Rezi CRM package is best suited for your estate agency by booking a demo with our friendly sales team.