Open API Benefits for Rezi Agents | Interview

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Rezi estate agency software is cloud-based and boasts an Open API, which allows for seamless integrations with third-party software providers and endless automation opportunities for our agents. 

But what exactly is an Open API and how does it benefit estate agents using Rezi?
What is an Open API?

We’re aware that we mention our Open API quite often (we’re quite proud of it!) but it’s not a concept that everyone is familiar with. In this interview with Lee Dahill at Estate Agent Today, Richard Price (Managing Director of Dezrez) explains what an Open API means and how this can help enhance your estate agency while using Rezi software.

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What is an Open API?

In simple terms, an Application Programming Interface (API) allows two pieces of software to connect seamlessly.

Rezi estate agent software is a cloud-based platform built with an Open API, allowing us to integrate with thousands of different third-party software providers, as we have done with the likes of what3words, Sprift, GOTO, Kamma, RentProfile and much more!

We use our Open API to help sales and lettings agents generate more opportunities and enhance their offering through automated workflows or webhooks, as well as partner integrations.

What are webhooks and why should you use automation?

Once you’ve connected two pieces of software, thanks to Rezi’s Open API, webhooks (or automated workflows) allow your software to "listen for events" within these systems and trigger certain actions. For example, when a property completes in your Rezi CRM, that can trigger an automatic email to be sent out to the client, with an attached invoice from Xero accounting software. If that wasn’t enough, the webhook can also post that information to social media to celebrate the sold property, with your estate agency watermark added to the property images. 

All of this can be done automatically once your workflows are set up within Rezi, thanks to our Open API. Read more in our guide to Automation for Estate Agents.
Rezi software

Zapier integration: Bespoke and ready-made workflows

Rezi Premium's integration with automation giants Zapier allows agents to use ready-made workflows or create their own, connecting thousands of different apps with their Rezi CRM software. 

Zapier is, in short, a collection of thousands of apps with Open APIs, which Rezi can therefore connect to. This allows agents to create their very own automations between multiple software systems using no code whatsoever. Real estate agents can use the Zapier & Rezi integration to automate:
We believe that your estate agency software – and PropTech – should be available to enhance what you do in your day-to-day life. Real estate is still very much a people-orientated business, but you are now able to use technology behind-the-scenes to improve your offering and provide a better all-round service to your clients. 

Using estate agent software that has an Open API means that you are naturally future-proofing your agency, because if a new piece of software that you’d like to use becomes available, this can be seamlessly integrated right from within your estate agency CRM system. 

Industry-first integrations thanks to our Open API

Dezrez was the first CRM provider in the property industry to integrate with what3words – an internationally-renowned software provider that allows agents to ‘know exactly where’ certain areas of a property are located, including the front door, parking spaces, and even placement of the ‘for sale’ sign.

As both Rezi and what3words have an Open API, the integration was completed over the course of just one weekend! It really is that simple. 

Rezi is also integrated with the likes of RentProfile, Kamma, Acaboom, Sprift, GOTO, and many more, which enables us to – quite literally – connect the property world!

See our full list of integrated partners, and those coming soon, on our partners and integrations page

Using software to provide your clients with 24/7 access

During his interview with Estate Agent Today, Richard Price mentions that agents should aim to be available to their clients at all times, to provide better customer service and overall experience. 

One of the best ways to do so is by investing in a cloud-based client login portal – Rezi Anytime.               

Rezi Anytime allows you to provide your very own branded portal, where your clients can log in to view all the information they need to know about a property transaction, anywhere and anytime. This includes:
  • Document uploading
  • Document signing
  • Viewing sales progression milestones
  • Managing appointments
In doing so, you will reduce the number of phone calls your agency receives dramatically, as all the information is available at the clients’ fingertips. You’re also providing clarity and transparency by offering an insight into sales progression updates – something your clients will undoubtedly thank you for! 

For more information on Rezi estate agency software packages or our additional products, simply book a demo today!