Discover Premium 4: Data and Admin Automation

16.08.21 12:49 PM Comment(s)
As we reach the fourth instalment of the ‘Discover Premium’ series, it’s clear that Rezi Premium can do wonderful things – from automated social media posting to requesting viewing feedback on your behalf right from within your estate agency software.

One of the most important, albeit less flashy, features of Rezi Premium is the ability to carry out data entry and administrative tasks automatically, using our software’s integrations and workflows connected to programmes like Google Sheets, Xero and Microsoft products.
Data administration automation for estate agents

Record data in Google Sheets

Manual data entry isn’t something that real estate professionals should be spending a large majority of their time doing. Using our Zapier integration to connect your CRM with Google Sheets and record data automatically means performing mundane tasks can be efficiently taken care of.

For example, when any data is added to Rezi, it can be automatically recorded in Google Sheets and then used in other products like Google Data Studio for reporting. Traditional data entry processes like these are often time consuming, costly and often result in errors, which is why automated methods are allowing lettings and estate agents to work far more efficiently and accurately, giving you a clearer business overview.

Create contacts and invoices in Xero

Creating invoices can be a  tiresome, manual task and one where many estate agents would rather spend their time doing something  more profitable – like selling properties and winning instructions! Thankfully, using Rezi Premium online real estate software, you can now create Xero contacts and invoices automatically within your CRM.

Using the Rezi and Zapier integration, you can set triggers that send client details straight to Xero to populate information in invoices. You can either use our pre-build template ‘Zaps’ to do this, or simply go in to your Zapier account and create your own workflows, which are quick and easy to set up. 

Add new Rezi contacts to Mailchimp

With the help of Zapier, our estate agents are now able to use Rezi software to automatically add new contacts to marketing systems such as Mailchimp. 

This can help you keep track of your mailing lists automatically, without the need to upload or import contacts manually. 

For more information on emailing marketing and how it can benefit you as an estate agent, see our 10 Email Marketing Tips for Estate Agents.

Additionally, as Rezi is available through Zapier, you can now easily integrate the CRM system with the whole suite of Microsoft products, from Outlook to Excel.

Automation in estate agency

There are many benefits to automation within the real estate world, so be sure to make use of the tools available to you from within a CRM system as powerful as Rezi

Whether you want to automate welcome emails, post to social media or upgrade your manual data entry method to an automatic one, Rezi and Zapier’s integration can help you do just that. The possibilities are endless and what’s more, there’s no developer required! You can do all of this yourself, and if you don’t feel up to creating your own Zaps or workflows just yet, we’ve created plenty of the best pre-built Zaps for you to make use of first. 

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