• Using Online Estate Agent Software

    What is online real estate software and how does it benefit both agents and clients? Here's your full guide to online CRM systems...

Being an estate agent used to mean sitting in a bricks and mortar office on the high-street, meeting with buyers and sellers face-to-face, and working through endless piles of paperwork on a daily basis. Now, thanks to cloud-based online estate agency software, sales and letting agents in the UK can be in all places at once, with access to their data. With the best online estate agency software, you can transform your agency into a modern, efficient and highly flexible company, all thanks to a reliable Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) in Rezi. 

But how does online estate agency benefit your agents and does it really attract more clients to your estate agency? Here, we explain how using estate agent software in the UK could benefit both your clients and your company.
Online Estate Agency Software

What is online estate agency software?

Online estate agent software is essentially the CRM system that property professionals (sales and letting agents) use to manage their workflows, deal with customers, win more instructions, handle day-to-day tasks (ideally using automation) and advertise their properties up for sale or let. While most sales and lettings estate agency software systems serve similar purposes, each provider offers different packages features and products. At Dezrez, we offer Rezi software packages, cloud-based solutions for sales and lettings agents looking to make their life easier using a platform that is designed to help them thrive. Our online real estate software is trusted by over 20,000 agents and we have over 20 years' experience in the industry - so why not book a demo to find out how Rezi could help your agency grow?   

Our online, cloud-based estate agency software allows agents to streamline, automate and integrate your business to ensure that you maintain a strong relationship with your clients (home buyers and sellers), and to allow you to complete administrative tasks more efficiently. Our software is integrated with market-leading third-party companies like Zapier, what3words, Sprift and GOTO, which you can use right from within Rezi thanks to our open API!  

With Rezi – our cloud-based, online estate agency software package – you can even make this information available to your clients 24/7 using the Rezi Anytime client portal feature, improving your business’ efficiency and reducing the amount of administrative work for agents. Software for estate agents should help you build a more efficient, innovative and organised business to benefit both your clients and your own employees.

Whether you want to improve your business’ productivity by having live diary dashboard through the estate agent CRM or create brochures to market your agency, your software should have you covered. As you will be a more streamlined estate agency with better communication methods and more information at your fingertips, your clients will undoubtedly have a more positive customer experience, and the difference will be vast.

What are the benefits of using online estate agent software?

By using an online real estate software system, your agency will inevitably benefit hugely. Some of the great features and benefits of using such software include:

  • Live diary and email sync allows you to say connected on any device
  • Searches with intelligent matching
  • Cloud-based estate agency software means you will never miss another opportunity
  • Work on-the-go with online software on multiple devices
  • Become a hybrid estate agent and give clients 24/7 access to their own portal
  • Data history migration
  • Manage client data seamlessly
  • Advertise properties on property portals and social media with a click of a button

While the above benefits relate to how the software benefits you as an estate agency, this will also translate to a far more comfortable and positive experience for your customers or clients (whether they are buying or selling a property).
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When you move onboard an online estate agent software, your clients will immediately reap the rewards as they will:

  • Have a better overall customer experience during their property transaction
  • Receive a customer-friendly view
  • Access all documents and data easily
  • Get 24/7 access to sales progression and documents if the agent has Rezi Anytime
  • Notice improved communication with the agency

Finding the best online estate agent software

There are many companies out there offering online real estate agent software, so how can you choose the best one for your agency's needs?

Here at Dezrez, our online real estate software – Rezi – provides you with everything you expect from your software, and much more! Our software uses an open API and is trusted by over 20,000 sales and lettings agents in the UK and beyond. Don’t worry if you’re new to online CRM systems; we pride ourselves on providing our software users with the very best customer service when they need it, so you will have access to our UK-based support team as and when required. Our online real estate software is built to make your life easier - so there's nothing to be worried about. 

Just how powerful and useful is our sales and lettings real estate software?

"Our staff love the system. It's a great system that's easy to use and the team at Rezi are always looking to upgrade it to take into account anything that comes up from a technology point of view” - Max Jones, at Robin Jones Estate Agents.

Take a look at our Dezrez Customer Reviews and Testimonials for more information on how our sales and lettings agents have thrived since using Rezi. Our estate agents software is built with both estate agents and their clients in mind, so be sure to take a look at our packages if you are interested in taking your property business to the next level. We also provide online real estate software packages for agents of all sizes - from start-ups to enterprise agencies - which you can read about below...

Dezrez and Rezi estate agency software packages

Rezi Online Estate Agent Software

At Dezrez, we understand that not all one size fits all when it comes to online estate agent software. For this reason, we offer four different property software packages, as well as a property management package for letting agents. 

Our Rezi software packages include the following:

These online and cloud-based estate agent software packages offer you a flexible choice in terms of how advanced your system is and what additional products you opt for in order to cater to your business’ needs. At Dezrez, we have made a conscious effort to cater for all types of estate agencies, which is why we offer such an extensive range of products and packages to our customers. If you're unsure of which package would suit your real estate agency's needs, we have a number of resources to help you out. Either read our comprehensive guide, download our free e-book (below), or book a free and no-obligation demo with our friendly team of experts!

Online software for start-up estate agents

Our most basic package, Rezi Pro Lite, is the ideal software for new start-up estate agencies, and includes full online training with a Rezi expert, so you will never be left overwhelmed by the technical side of things. Other key benefits of Rezi Pro Lite include its open API, accessibility (being mobile-friendly and cloud-based), marketing tools (brochure management tool) and portal integration.

Download our The Estate agent guide for FREE!

Multi-branch estate agent software

Whether you're a one-branch or multi-brand estate agency, Rezi has a software package to meet your daily requirements. 

Within Rezi, you can manage all properties for sale, clients, lettings, tasks and to-dos, marketing and advertising, valuations, appointments and more. Thanks to our variety of software packages, your CRM system can be scaled up alongside your agency. So when you're ready to move from a one-branch agency to a multi-branch or enterprise agency, your data can stay with you, along with a more powerful CRM solution in Rezi. 

Enterprise estate agent software

On the other side of the scale, established enterprise estate agency networks are able to opt for our Rezi Enterprise packaged, which has been built with enterprise agencies and its clients in mind. Rezi Enterprise software offers corporate scalability, as it is capable of enabling growth on a global scale across departments and branches around the world. And, for agencies in between a start-up and enterprise network, Rezi Pro and Premium packages are the ideal choice.

If you would like more information, visit our package web pages or sign up for a free demo today: